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Dive into how AI offers behavioural-based personalised coaching to leaders with Prof. Stefan Krummaker, a renowned authority in leadership practices, interviewing Nanu AI founder Dr. Jorge Del-Bosque. In this dynamic 30-minute chat, we explore AI’s impact on leadership, teamwork, and work-life balance.

30m 45s


Dive into how AI offers behavioural-based personalised coaching to leaders with Prof. Stefan Krummaker, a renowned authority in leadership practices, interviewing Nanu AI founder Dr. Jorge Del-Bosque. In this dynamic 30-minute chat, we explore AI’s impact on leadership, teamwork, and work-life balance.

30m 45s

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This is the crucial planning phase where the foundation for your project is laid, before the actual recording begins. It encompasses everything from conceptualisation and scriptwriting to casting, location scouting, and creating storyboards. This stage is where we work closely with you to transform your ideas into a tangible blueprint, ready to come to life on screen. This means understanding your vision, establishing timelines, and ensuring all logistical elements are in place to ensure a smooth and efficient production process.



In this exciting phase the planned elements of your project come to life. Our team handles all aspects of recording, including capturing footage, conducting interviews, and directing talent. We utilise state-of-the-art equipment and employ creative techniques to ensure that every moment is captured with precision and artistic flair. Production requires coordination, collaboration, and technical expertise to orchestrate every aspect of the production process and ensure that your creative vision is realised on screen.



Here is where the magic happens. Our skilled editors work tirelessly to refine the raw footage into a cinematic masterpiece that effectively communicates your message. In this phase we bring all the elements together, including editing and colour-grading footage, adding music and sound effects, and enhancing visual effects. With our keen attention to detail and creative ingenuity, we infuse your project with depth and emotion by crafting each element until every frame evolves to your polished final product ready for distribution.



Ultra-HD Cameras

State-of-the-art high-definition recording to capture every detail with stunning clarity and precision, ensuring unparalleled image quality in every frame.

Pro-grade Audio

Premium wireless microphones for freedom of movement and long booms of wired shotgun mics so every word is heard with precision for crisp and clear audio.

Computerised Lighting

Scene-programmable and network-controlled lighting with 16.7 million vivid colours and special FX for optimal lighting conditions for top visual quality.

Multi-Camera Setup

From close-ups to wide-angle shots for seamless transitions, adding depth and dimension to capture every angle and emotion.

PRO SLIDERS + gimbals

Cinema-grade tools for fluid, cinematic movements, delivering unparalleled stability and precision in your footage.

Drone Aerials

Aerial videography capabilities for breathtaking perspectives, adding a dynamic and cinematic dimension to your interviews.

100% Battery-Powered

All equipment operates remotely on batteries for the entire day without power outlets for rapid set-up and unmatched flexibility, mobility and freedom of location.


Incorporating motion graphics and animation to elevate the visual appeal of your interviews, adding vibrancy and interactivity to the viewing experience.

Redundancy Systems

Robust backup and redundancy systems to ensure data security and continuity, providing peace of mind throughout the production process.


Absolutely! Our experienced team can help you craft compelling interview questions or scripts tailored to your project goals.

Yes, we provide captioning and subtitle services to make your interview content accessible to a wider audience, including viewers with hearing impairments or language barriers.

Yes, upon request, we can provide behind-the-scenes footage or bloopers to add a personal and human touch to your interview content.

Yes, we can incorporate custom branding, logos, graphics and animations to create engaging intros, outros, and overlays to align with your brand identity and messaging.

Yes, we offer custom music composition services as well as licensing of royalty-free music tracks to enhance the mood and atmosphere of your interview videos.

Absolutely! We offer full-service production support, including on-location logistics, coordination, and scheduling, to ensure a seamless interview experience.

Yes, we have experience conducting interviews in multiple languages and can provide translation services as needed.

Yes, we provide training and coaching services to help interview subjects feel confident and comfortable on camera, ensuring authentic and engaging interviews.

Yes, our battery-powered equipment allows us to conduct interviews outdoors without the need for power outlets, providing flexibility and freedom of location.

We employ night-sensitive vision technology and ND filters to ensure stunning visuals even in low-light conditions, delivering clarity and vibrancy to interviews.

Absolutely! With our POV action cameras, we provide thrilling point-of-view angles, immersing viewers in the heart of the action for an exhilarating interview experience.

We employ advanced audio recording techniques and equipment, including noise-canceling technology, directional microphones, and wireless concealed earpieces for discreet monitoring to minimise background noise and ensure clear audio quality.

We provide a range of venue options, including professional studios, outdoor locations, and customisable sets to suit your interview needs.

We adhere to strict confidentiality protocols and employ robust data security measures to safeguard your interview footage and sensitive information.

The turnaround time for edited interview footage varies depending on the scope of the project, but we strive to deliver high-quality results in a timely manner.

While we recommend booking in advance whenever possible, we understand that urgent requests arise, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Video Production Services

Full-service interview solutions from pre-production to post-production

Full-service interview solutions from
pre-production to post-production


on request

8K Video Recording

Pro-Grade Audio

Multi-Camera Setup

Computerised Lighting

In-House Post-Editing

Custom Branding

Colour Grading

Motorised Sliders

Pro Gimbals & Dollies

Redundancy Systems

100% Battery-Powered

Provide Venue

Provide Interviewer

Coach Interviewer/ee

Transcription / Translation

Subtitle Services

Scriptwriting / Questions

3D Graphics / Animations

Custom FX / Filters

Custom Music Composition

Soundbites / Highlights

Behind Scenes Footage

On-location Logistics

Outdoor Interviews

Drone Aerials

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